Krakow, Poland

I think I’ve recovered from my trip to Poland to tell ya about it.  I took a bus tour with a friend and our sons. Three teen boys!  It was an adventure.  We left at 10pm and arrived in Krakow at our hotel around 8am the next morning; freshened up, grabbed a map and headed to the nearest bus stop.  After learning how to navigate the bus system we took bus 173 to the city center.

This is the main square downtown.This is the Cloth Hall…said to be the world’s oldest shopping Rynek Glowny; it’s filled with vendors with everything from Polish pottery, chess sets, amber jewelry, painted keepsake boxes, to t-shirts and key chains.

It was sooooo cold…it even snowed one day we were there; pretty much rained the whole time. We enjoyed the sites nonetheless.

You gotta try the local food and desserts!

Park downtown Krakow

My two sons and I…

Visiting the Wawel Castle and Cathedral.

Young boy trying to earn money; he played really well.

Wawel Castle’s Cathedral

Beautiful wall around the castle.

Well you can’t visit a castle without dressing up in some medieval outfit 😉

My boys totally got the travel bug while touring Krakow…they loved every minute of it!

We toured the Jewish district and saw many old synagoges. unfortunately I ran out of space on my camera card….:(

I’m not sure if it was because of Easter sunday being that weekend or not, but we saw nuns all over krakow.You may take a horse and carriage to tour Krakow if you wish.

My travel buddy

I don’t think there was one building that didn’t have graffiti all over it.

public transportation

San Francisco in Poland!

One of the amazing things I find when I travel is new friends….I love meeting new people from different cultures.  The polish people were so warm and friendly; we also got to know three friends from Manchester…who ate at our dinner table a few times; and then the jolly Irishman who told us all about his childhood in Ireland and sang to us!  I was so enjoying the company I forgot to get a photo of us.

This is me on the way home….stranded in Poland for 8 hours on the side of the road when our bus broke down.  What an adventure it was, but we again met some pretty awesome people and had a blast with it anyway.

We took a few city tours in Krakow and around the Jewish district.  We also attended an incredible Chopin concert our last night in Krakow.  It was in a beautiful palace in Rynek Glowny square. 

ImageOne of our tours was Auchswitz…stay tuned for that post!

I miss you krakow…..oh and your exchange rate is awesome; I kept some zlotys for when I return to the Market. 🙂



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