Negril, Jamaica

These are photos of our 4 day trip to Negril, Jamaica.  We were there the middle of past April.  I will definitely go back. May I recommend Sandals Resort & Spa? Phenomenal! Friendliest staff on earth and lots of great food to choose from.  Witnessed a beautiful sunset every evening!  Support the locals and buy your souveniours from them!

Went snorkeling off a reef, was mistaken for Katy Perry, got stung by a million itty, bitty jellyfish, baptized in vinegar, saw Nemo and the fam, climbed back on the boat and listened to live reggae all the way back to shore; best snorkeling trip ever!!

We loved sailing the Hobicats!! Had great wind and plenty of sea to explore.

Took the sea kayaks out a few times. The water is so crystal clear and a grogeous Turquoise, how do you NOT stay out on the water???

Support the locals…getting Jamaican style dreadlocks!

Have no fear if you do not enjoy seafood…they have Italian, Cajun, and American!

Estatic to have my soldier back from a year in Afganistan!!

Oh dear Jamaica how I miss thee…..



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